Balco building showcases mural for the First Art District in Napa Valley

Check out this mural painted on one of our buildings in Napa, CA!

Balco Properties - Mural 2017

This mural will be part of the first art district in the Napa Valley.



The Napa Valley Vine Trail, Napa Valley Wine Train and members of Napa’s local arts community have partnered to create the first art district in the Napa Valley, designated as the Rail Arts District (RAD) Napa.

RAD Napa will transform the existing Cross-Town Commuter Path into a cultural corridor providing an experiential and educational trail celebrating our beautiful Napa Valley.  This will be accomplished by applying murals to the backs of buildings, installing sculptures, fence art, landscaping, gateway features, and more!

Thinkspace is honored to be the curator for the mural portion of this amazing project. This will be an ongoing, multi-year project spanning dozens of walls and featuring some of the biggest names in muralism.

Their first mural from Bezt of Etam Cru in collaboration with Natalia Rak has just been completed!!!

“Knocking On Heaven’s Door” took the duo 12 days to complete under some of the worst weather to hit the Napa Valley in recent memory, raining almost every day along with heavy winds and cold temps. These two took the challenge head on and soldiered through it with flying colors. The resulting mural is simply stunning and a great foundation for us to build upon up in Napa.