Facts About Balco Properties

Number of properties 70+

Total square footage 2,000,000+

Tenants 250+

Tenant Spotlight

Balco Properties is proud to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite clients Back to the Roots, a game-changing indoor gardening and organic food company, based right here in Oakland, California. Co-Founded by Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez, while they were college students at UC Berkeley, this startup has been growing year after year and helping communities around the world.

What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion to reconnect families back to food through our indoor gardening kits & simple ingredient organic cereals. Their goal is to inspire a new generation to ask where their food comes from and make sure that food comes from the kitchen, not a lab.

Call: 510-922-9758
Email: contact@backtotheroots.com


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